IIA Announces Global Chairman and New Board for 2019–20

LAKE MARY, Fla. (July 10, 2019) — The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the internal audit profession’s most widely recognized advocate, educator, and provider of standards, guidance, and certifications, announces the election of a newly structured Global Board of Directors for 2019–20, including veteran internal auditor J. Michael Joyce Jr., CIA, CRMA, as Global Chairman.
The election was held during the organization’s annual business meeting, which followed The IIA’s 2019 International Conference, both in Anaheim, Calif. International Conference attracted more than 2,700 people from around the world.
Joyce has more than 36 years of professional experience, and has been an active IIA volunteer since 1989, including serving as Senior Vice Chairman of the Global Board (2018-19) and Chairman of the North American Board (2015-16). He is Vice President, Chief Auditor & Compliance Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.
Joyce chose “Audit in Tune” as the theme for his year as chairman to emphasize how instrumental it is for successful internal auditors to continuously fine-tune their audit approach and philosophy. “Most songs have three primary elements: rhythm, harmony and melody. If any one of those elements is out of sync, it will be obvious to even non-musicians,” Joyce said. “I think that we can apply these same concepts to the way we perform our roles and responsibilities as internal auditors.”
Joyce presides over the first 17-member Global Board to take office under a new governance structure designed to ensure a modern, efficient, informed, and relevant body able to respond quickly to global developments. The board previously comprised 38 members.
Also elected to The IIA’s Global Board of Directors:
  • Jenitha John, CIA, QIAL, Senior Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Mark Carawan, CIA, QIAL, ONA Lead Director
  • Lishuang Fang, CIA, Director-at-Large/Audit Committee
  • Michael J. Fucilli, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CRMA, Director – Research
  • Nancy Haig, CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA, Director – Stakeholder Relations
  • Julie Lathrop, CIA, CRMA, Director – Professional Certifications
  • Ernesto Martinez Gomez, CIA, CRMA, Ex-Officio Director/Audit Committee Chair
  • Augustino Mbogella, CIA, CCSA, CRMA, Director – Professional Guidance
  • Naohiro Mouri, CIA, Past Chairman (2018-19) of the Board
  • Sally-Anne Pitt, CIA, CGAP, Director – Professional Practices
  • Laura Soileau, CIA, CRMA, Director-at-Large/Audit Committee
  • Ranjit Singh Taram Singh, CIA, CRMA, Director – Global Services
  • Beili Wong, CIA, Director – Industry Guidance
  • Charles T. Wright, CIA, Vice Chairman – Finance
  • Benito Ybarra, CIA, North American Board Chairman
  • Richard F. Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, Ex-Officio Director/IIA President and CEO
Officers are elected for a one-year term, while directors serve a two-year term